Refuse overflowing bins & fines!

Household bins to be emptied just ONCE EVERY THREE WEEKS in bid to hit EU green targets!

A growing number of UK councils are planning to empty household bins only once every three weeks, in a bid to encourage recycling and therefore meet the EU target of recycling 50 percent of household waste by 2020.

Councils are increasingly threatening families with £2,500 fines and criminal records in the event that they put a large amount of rubbish in their bins; organizations, including nearby shops, could likewise be at the mercy of punishments of up to £20,000.

Families which leave their rubbish out or after allotted time slots would likewise be defying the guidelines under new anti-social conduct laws.

Organizations, including nearby shops, could likewise fall to punishments of up to £20,000 for not dumping their waste in accordance with the new regulations.

The councils’ warnings came regardless of the fact that in a few zones across the UK rubbish is just gathered once a fortnight or month.

This has now subsequently left a few house holders worried about the health hazard associated with bins that are left to fester.

The measures come as local Councils come under increasing pressure to meet the EU target of recycling 50 percent of household waste by 2020.

Although the UK will quit the EU next year the Government has not changed the target.

In 2016 the UK recycled 45 percent of household waste, meaning Britain is still some way short of the required amount.

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