45 Gallon Drum DIY Furniture Sets

Are you a massive fan of a specific car, TV Series or movie and want to have a theme around your house? 45 Gallon Drums can do just the job.

Photo From: Abovo Homes

Out of 45 Gallon Drums, you can make absolutely anything you can think of! Whether its tables, desks, single chairs or long chairs, BBQ’s, smokers, the list goes on! Anything you make out of a Steel Drum, you can add your own theme to them!

The Drums can go anywhere you like – If you would like to use 45 Gallon Drums to create a theme in your back garden, our drums can do just that! If you want to add a theme in your living room using our Steel Drums, they suit that purpose too!

Photo From: Drum Works Furniture

The sets don’t have to have a specific theme, you can just add a consistent colour around your house!

This image is an example of how you can theme your drums! Perfect for anyone.


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