45 Gallon Drum for Stores

Run your own store and looking for ways to style it up? Why not modernise your shop, be unique and upcycle a 45 Gallon Drum. The perfect example of this, is clothing store David James Kerr. The clothing store is a family-ran business in East Belfast, and attracts customers from all over the world to visit the store.

The store have up cycled their own steel drums into some stylish seats, with the Adidas Originals theme and their store details, and it looks awesome! Why not follow the footsteps of David James Kerr, and create your own modern, steel drum chair? Want to know how? Check out another one of our blogs here!

This is just one of many things that you can do with a 45 Gallon Drum, from tables, to shelves, to cupboards, the limit is your imagination.

You can visit the website of David James Kerr here: www.davidjameskerr.com

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Want to attempt your own upcycled steel drum project? Purchase your drum today or call us on 03333 442 360. Minimum order just 1 drum!

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