45 Gallon Drums don't just store liquids!

As soon as people mention '45 Gallon Drums', 'Steel Drums', or something along those lines, some automatically think that they are just for storing things such as oil, fuels or liquids, but this really isn't true.

Photo from: The Drum Works Furniture

A drum can be converted into a mini bar where it can store all your drinks and glasses!

Photo from: The Drum Works Furniture

Our 45 Gallon Drums can also be converted into a cupboard, where you can store all your essentials, if you don't like the cupboard idea then you can turn a drum into a set of drawers! (See below!)


If you're looking for a new tool box, take a look at this video by Naddc Council: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0hbyOGLDLk


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