45 Gallon Drums For Summer

Summer has arrived, the late warm nights are here which means to get that BBQ on! But… What would look better than some awesome looking 45 Gallon Drums styling up your garden? Whether it’s for furniture, storage or even to cook your mouth-watering meat on – the sky is the limit with a single 45 Gallon Drum.

BBQ made from our customer, Stephen

What can you really do with a Steel Drum?.. When people first thing Barrels – they instantly think of fuel storage… That is just one of the many things you can do. Quirky furniture? You can get that from a single drum! From chairs, to tables to cabinets, our exclusive furniture range will sort you out.

Upcylced furniture at David James Kerr

Bored of the typical Barbecue you can pick up from B&Q? Meat tastes awesome, right? Imagine what it would taste like, after being cooked on your own masterpiece.. mmm! Why not create your own BBQ Drum or Smoker from one of our drums, and throw an awesome garden party (don’t forget to invite us!).

BBQ cooking
Dayle’s BBQ cooking

But, it doesn’t just have to be furniture or BBQ. You don’t even have to touch the drum! You could have it just as a simple ornament to add to your urban interior theme – it can be plain, or you could even design it yourself.


Whether you are in charge of designing your house, shop or bar – 45 Gallon Drums are just what you need. Call us on 03333 442 360 if you do require any more information.


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