45 Gallon Drums in use at the RWM Show!

The RWM Show has been taking place this week, starting on Tuesday the 12th September, and ending today, Thursday the 14th September. The show is is a attracts exhibitors from a wide range of organisations from retail, leisure, construction and demolition, manufacturing, and government, just to name a few.

On our wonder around, we noticed at the Pitch & Pint Crazy Golf & Bar, sponsored by Adtrak, were using some good looking 45 Gallon Drums on their display!

This display, is a perfect example of just a few ways 45 Gallon Drums can be used, and what a very suitable location for them too be put to use in as well!

These images show how a table, of any size, can be made with 45 Gallon drums, and also how to make your table look stylish. They have added a lovely looking colour scheme to the tables to blend in with the companies colours, as seen on the screen in the image above, and it definitely helps with the attraction!


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