BBQ's v Smokers: Whats the differences?

Here at 45 Gallon Drums we sell drums specialising for making BBQ’s and Smokers, but what are the difference between the 2 products?

Smoker made by one of our customers, William Wright.

The main difference is the obvious one – a smoker stands upright whereas a BBQ tends to go on its side. Cooking on a BBQ tends to be more quicker, cooking at a much higher temperature because of where the flames are, where as if you are using a smoker to cook food, it will take longer. However, using a smoker can make your delicious food a lot more tastier. Think of a smoker as a BBQ but without the flames. Just heat and smoke.

A BBQ made by another one of our customers, Stephen Bacon.

On a BBQ you use charcoal etc to fuel the fire to cook your food, however in a smoker you can use a range of things. Wood can be the main source of fuel to your smoker.
We have seen the steps to making a BBQ thanks to SuperChevy, but how do you make a smoker? Big Poppa Smokers have put together a video to show you how to create your garden masterpiece.



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