Calling All Waste Companies

45 Gallon Drums are now stocking Emergency Steel Salvage, 300-litre Over Drums.

Salvage Over drum – designed to act as outer packaging to contain noncompliant, damaged or leaking drums containing hazardous materials (solids & liquids) and enable the safe and economic transport and storage of these products.

  • 300-litre drum designed to contain up to a 210Ltr/45gal inner drum
  • Ideal for spillages, drum recovery, and clean-up operations
  • 435Kg Max allowable gross weight
  • Powder coated external finish for durability
  • UN ‘T’ mark certified
  • Made in GB


  • Spiralon-seamed open head drum


  • Gauge 1.45mm mild steel throughout


  • Tri-sure closures available in head
  • Vented bungs optional External lever lock closing
  • Multilingual Vinyl Salvage drum labeling


  • Powder coated external finish in yellow
  • Plain internal finish

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