Christmas with 45 Gallon Drums

Looking to purchase that perfect gift, whether its for your partner, just that perfect household item or anything where your imagination takes you? Why not look at upcycling your very own 45 Gallon Drum to make an awesome Christmas present.

Whether its from flower pots, to BBQ’ – Chairs to tables, your own upcycled steel drums would be THE best Christmas present, ever and you can do just this from just £22.00! Looking for some inspiration, after some tutorials or just wondering what you really can make with a 45 Gallon Drum? Check out our past blogs here and see the wide range of things you can do with just a single steel drum.

You can style up the interior of your own pad, making your garden look awesome or even improving the look of your workplace, upcycling your drum can do anything you can think of. 

The sky is the limit – purchase your drum, today. Need some advice? Speak to our friendly staff on 03333 442 360 to find out whatever you need to know.

Purchase your drum, today.

Want to attempt your now upcycling project this Christmas? Purchase your drum from us, today. Minimum order only 1 drum.

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