Clocks with 45 Gallon Drums

Are you after a new clock? Why not go that one step further, and make one yourself! How? You can do so with one of our Steel Drum lids. 

This image has been taken from one of our great customers, James Duff. James bought some lids from us to turn into signs, and clocks. They looked absolutely awesome.

You can add any theme you like to your clock. You could add your own company logo if it is for your business, if it’s a car garage you could add a car theme – the limit is your imagination.

It doesn’t just have to be clocks that you can make out of our lids. Whether it’s signs or to replace an old, worn steel drum lid. You can even create a table with one! The sky is the limit.

Be like James and purchase your lid, today. Prices start from just £9.99.

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Want to be like James? Have a look at our range of lids, now. Prices start from just £9.99.

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