DIY Oil Drum Furniture Ideas – Ideas for the garden and patio

Wondering how to transform old barrels into furniture pieces for the garden or compost bins, plant containers? Every year millions of used, steel drums are thrown out of circulation. Most of them are recycled as scrap metal, but there are many barrels lying in yards or warehouses. It turns out that the processing of unwanted barrels can be an exciting experience for the creative mind. People have realised that his is an excellent raw material for a variety of crafts for the garden, backyard or patio.

One of the simplest ideas is to use the containers for collecting and storing water, simply by painting and decorating them in the colours of the rainbow. Recycled steel barrels can be used as planter boxes as well and decorate the corner of your garden or plant a small herb garden and have fresh herbs available at any time. DIY Oil Drum Furniture ideas take advantage of the properties of oil barrels as they are very durable and come at an affordable price!

Transforming a metal barrel into a planter box, is the same as making a compost bin. You can use such planter boxes for any type of plant – from cucumbers and zucchini to herbs and flowers. IT is a convenient way to grow a variety of plants before transferring them on soil and will save you a lot of bending and back pain.

One of the most interesting upcycling ideas is to transform an old oil drum into a garden grill. to make a BBQ, read one of our other blogs here!

Those who are not very skilled or beginners in up cycling furniture projects can start with a simple idea like making a table with a round top. You can use any material as top of your table – reclaimed or salvaged wood from a large wooden spool or a slab of solid wood. Those who are experienced in upcycling furniture can craft a set of patio furniture – sofas and armchairs, useful storage containers, rocking chairs, cabinets, lamps, coffee tables etc. Event the most ordinary barrel can be a source of inspiration.