DJ Booths With 45 Gallon Drums

Whether you’re a DJ and after a new booth, or looking for something to present from – why not come up with an awesome design like this. We came across this image on LinkedIn, Chad Glass had done a DJ set at the F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. We asked DJ ChadPhunk a little more about himself:

DJ ChadPhunk has his own Podcast, which you can download here and has his own website. Check out his LinkedIn. 

This has been designed using just 3 45 Gallon drums, and a few pieces of wood. What could be easier? You can even add your own theme, including colours and logos and make it look even more cool.

This would look perfect, on stage for a DJ, or to present from on TV – or what ever your imagination would bring. It is modern, and unique – and really looks the part.

Interested? You can purchase these drums, from just £23.00 – See below.


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Want to attempt this project? From just £23.00, you can! Order your drum today, shipped next day delivery. Minimum order is only 1 drum.

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