Fire pits with 45 Gallon Drums

With the warm nights retiring, and the cooler nights are entering – the privilege of being able to sit out late at night and still being warm is no longer possible.. or is it?

Why not create a fire pit out of your very own 45 Gallon Drum, you won’t need to worry about the temperature in the cold nights. Not only are you making sure you’ll be kept warm, but you’re adding style to your garden! If you own a BBQ drum, why not add to your drum theme and create your fire pit too?

Theres plenty of ways you can design your fire pit, whether you want a full drum with the opening cut off, a full drum with the lid or even the drum cut in half! No matter which design you decide to use, you will still be able to roast your marshmallows in style!

Green Reconditioned Tight Head Drum

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