Halloween with 45 Gallon Drums

With halloween just around the corner, and the decorations starting to go up. Why not turn your steel, 45 Gallon Drum into one of your spooky Halloween decorations. All you need is a steel drum, and a eerie imagination.

There are plenty of things to come up with, whether its an advanced design, or just simply a 45 Gallon Drum with some cobweb over it! Either way will add to the theme, and will sure raise the hairs of your trick or treaters spines!

The drums could simply be used to balance a pumpkin on, something as simple as that, to having a body popping its heard out of the top! So pull together your horrifying imagination, and claim the scariest house on your street award for Halloween 2017!

You can spook up your house from just £15, purchase your drum here, today with our minimum order of just 1 drum.


If you have any enquiries, please call us on 03333 442 360.