Have A BBQ In Style With 45 Gallon Drums

We are deep into the summer, and the BBQ’s are out regularly. The family and friends are round for a mouthwatering piece of meat done on your BBQ, but bored of the same thing week in week out? Why not create your own BBQ with our drums from 45 Gallon Drums.

Making the BBQ is easier than you think, and imagine the satisfaction when you finally finish this masterpiece. The neighbours will be talking about you, and thinking how cool you are! Make your garden look the best this summer, and all you need to do is spend a few hours of creativity with a 45 Gallon Drum.


Check out how one of our customers Dayle Rodriguez created a BBQ Drum out of our 45 Gallon Drums here!


Love this project, and want to go ahead? Purchase your drum today.