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The Importance of Choosing the Correct Drum for your Needs.

Steel drums are among the most basic and useful industrial packaging products. However, there are many decisions that must be made regarding which type of steel drum is right for you and your business.

The first step is knowing what your drums will be holding. If you are looking to contain a dangerous substance, such as radioactive material at a power plant, you would undoubtedly use a different type of drum than if you were looking to contain water. The substance is a huge determining factor in what type of drum to use.

Once you know what you’re using your steel drums for, you can begin to narrow down your search. We talked about the substance inside the drum, but how about the drum itself? A majority of commercially sold steel drums are made of stainless steel. If you’re handling any type of highly chemically reactive substance, stainless steel is typically going to be your better option. (We sell UN and non-UN approved drums, new and refurbished!)

The next, and perhaps most important decision to make, is whether you want your steel drum to have an open or tight/closed head. Having an open-head steel drum essentially means that you will have access to whatever is inside the drum, meaning the lid can be removed and resealed. A closed head steel drum is a more permanent option, as closed head steel drums have a permanently secured lid. Use an open head drum if you’re working with materials that you will be frequently manipulating. Use a closed head drum if you’re dealing with low viscosity liquids that have a higher chance of spilling. (We have 1000s of Closed and Open Head Steel Drums in our warehouse!)

Steel drums are versatile, trustworthy, and an imperative part of many industrial businesses. Decide on the perfect type of drums for you and your industry and let the 45 Gallon Drum team know how we can best fit your needs!

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