Make Your Own Drum Furniture.

Bored of the same old furniture? Try something creative and follow these simple steps on how to make your own snazzy furniture….

Time to spice up your home, let’s focus on the Famous drum chair….




Materials and Equipment, you need for your very own drum chair….



  • Steel drum
  • Metal or enamel paint
  • Wooden brackets for the feet
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Fabric binding
  • Foam insets
  • Fabric
  • Rivets / studs



  • Angle grinder
  • Sander
  • Drill
  • Spray gun (optional)
  • Paint brush
  • Screwdriver


Step by Step:


  1. Cleaning Your Drum.


This step is very important, thoroughly clean out you drum before you start any work as there may be oil or any hazardous liquids/waste remaining, which could cause you a lot of problems when starting work on your drum.


  1. Time to cut and mark up your drum.


  • Mark your drum the shape you want your drum to be with a marker pen.
  • Using your angle grinder start cutting up the barrel.
  • Smooth the edges with a second grinder.



  1. Now time for some welding….


Cut and attach the 25mm box section mild steel to the inside of the barrel.

  • Using your hack saw, cut the 25mm box section to 400mm lengths.
  • 2) Using a 572mm diameter circle, make a section of it out of card, mark the edges of the box section so that they will fit inside the barrel.
  • Cut this shape out with an angle grinder or hack saw and make sure it fits nicely in the barrel.
  • secure the box section on either side of the barrel 12mm from the hole for you to sit in. Use a mixture of scrap wood to prop the pieces up and some strong welding magnets to hold the metal in place. Make sure that they are level otherwise the seat won’t sit level.
  • Carefully weld the box section onto the barrel. be careful as the barrel is very thin, it is easy to burn through the metal. Ooooops….
  • Grind down the excess metal from the welds on top of the bars. (This is also important for the seat to sit level.)



  1. Let’s get the back, seat and base sorted!


The seat part, just a 572mm diameter circle of 12mm marine ply wood.

The back consisted of two right angel triangle pieces with a 15º to the vertical hypotenuse. then one 300-550-12mm piece of marine ply to make up the back.

The base is made of another 572mm diameter circle of 12mm marine ply.


1) Cut out the triangular side sections with a base of 141mm and a height of 530mm.


2) Sand all faces and edges.


3) Cut the 300-550-12mm section.


4) Glue the sections together to give you the back section.


5) Cut out the circles for the base and the seat.


6) Now, the exciting part finally sand it all down, fill any gaps, prime everything with wood primer, then paint with whatever colour you like.


The Famous Drum Chair isn’t all you can make, you can be more creative and create drum tables, mini bars and cupboard cabinets….


Take a look at some finished products….





Photo Credit: Pinterest.


Want to get on aboard but haven’t got the time to create you own?

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