Making Charcoal With 45 Gallon Drums

Looking to start making your own Charcoal? Well do so in style, and create your Charcoal Retort with your own 45 Gallon Drum!

Ian, from Hill House Farm, bought his drum from us to create into the farms own Charcoal Retort, and it certainly looks a masterpiece! You can get a Charcoal Retort made out of a lot of materials, but whats better than YOUR OWN Charcoal Retort, made by YOURSELF, with a single 45 Gallon Drum!

What does a Charcoal Retort really do? Well its job is to create Charcoal. Wood is placed into the drum, and cooked. Different gasses are driven off and Charcoal remains. You simply start a fire within the steel drum, with the wood inside – and then once the gases are driving off, ignite these to help burn off the rest of the gases, and saves you adding more fuel in!

Once all the gas has been driven off, the fire dies. Once everything has cooled down, open the drum and you have your own charcoal!


If you want to follow the steps Ian made and create your stylish Charcoal Retort – purchase your drum here!


We would love to see what you have created with your 45 Gallon Drums, send in your pictures!

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