The Bonfire Barrel

With Bonfire night coming upon us very soon, and you’re still wondering what to do? Why not have your own garden bonfire, using The Special Bonfire Barrel with 45 Gallon Drums!

This would be perfect to host your own, small bonfire. Your own bonfire for just £15, and all you have to do is just add wood and light it up! The drum comes with no lid, and holes at the bottom, but you can style your drum to make it look awesome when the bonfire is alive!

Be creative, and be unique with your personally styled Bonfire Barrel from 45 Gallon Drums. If you’re after more inspiration and ideas, view our latest video and see some more ideas here!

Burning barrels is a tradition in some places on Bonfire night. Down in Devon, each Guy Fawkes night, a flock of adrenaline junkies take the streets of the tiny town, Ottery St Mary’s, and run around the streets with burning barrels on their backs.

Obviously you don’t have to carry them on your back! They can just sit in your garden and watch the bonfire erupt infront of yours eyes.

Purchase your Bonfire Barrel for just £15 here!