The Sky Is The Limit With 45 Gallon Drums

We, at 45 Gallon Drums, have your answer to your outdoor decorating needs and if you are planning on starting your very own DIY project to make your house look a lot more stylish, purchase some 45 Gallon Drums!

Our very own steel, 45 Gallon Drums do more than hold food items, hazardous materials and oils. Many companies and individuals dispose of their containers giving these handy and attractive 45 Gallon Drums a second chance at life.

Photo from: Promo-Consultant

One of our customers used one of our 45 Gallon Drums to create a stunning smoker to make add a snazzy design to his back garden.

Your 45 Gallon Drum project is really only limited by your imagination and with the help of our friendly staff here, the sky truly is the limit.

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