The Smoker Of Your Dreams Thanks To 45 Gallon Drums

Here, at 45 Gallon Drums, we can help you create the smoker of your dreams, that would be perfect for throwing a BBQ!

Just imagine throwing a garden party, inviting your friends and family over to taste the deliciousness of the freshly cooked food from your Smoker, which isn't any old smoker. It is made out of a 45 Gallon Drum, built by yourself.

Thanks to 45 Gallon Drums, you can build a smoker out of one of our Steel Drums, that will have your friends and neighbours green with envy. All you need is a 45 Gallon Drum, a few decent parts from the hardware store and you can make an incredible smoker, perfect for all year round use!

You can buy one of our Open-Head drums, perfect for creating a smoker here! For more information, call us on 03333 442 360.