Tree Sculptures with 45 Gallon Drums

When you upcycle a 45 Gallon Drum, you don’t have to use the drum in its current shape, as one of our customers, James Baker from Hereford MAKE has shown that you can just about make anything out of a single steel drum.

Hereford MAKE is a craft company based in Hereford. They provide an affordable, industrial standard equipment for iron, wood and metalwork alongside craft studio space for those who want to make or mend.

If you think that being able to upcycle 45 Gallon Drums into furniture is amazing, you really will find this sculpture really interesting, and it certainly opens even more imagination as to what you can make out of a 45 Gallon Drum.

This shows that if you want to upcycle your 45 Gallon Drum, you can just about make anything out of it!


You can visit Hereford MAKE’s website here, or view their Facebook for more information!