Upcycled Chairs With 45 Gallon Drums

Are you looking for some new furniture, whether its to smarten up your pad or add a stylish theme in your restaurant/bar? Why don’t you be unique and create your very own chair out of a 45 Gallon Drum!
(pintrest- chip)

Theres plenty of ways the chairs can be used, whether its part of a furniture set in the living room, a dining set in the kitchen or just used to add a theme. There are plenty of ways they can be used to suit whatever you want! The chairs can be made in a way to suit you, whether its a stool type chair, or a sofa type chair, you can make both with 45 Gallon Drums.

(instagram – @vintalgia_qtr)

The chairs would look good wherever you use them, and however you use them! If you’re wondering how you create your luxurious chair, view one of our past blogs here! Some of our amazing customers, such as Rumba Macclesfield, have turned their steel drums into some awesome masterpieces to style up their restaurant, and you can be just like them by purchasing your own 45 Gallon Drum, starting at just £22! Click here to view our range of drums, minimum order is only 1 drum!