What can you do with a 45 Gallon Drum?

Ever thought what you can do with one of our very own steel drums from 45GallonDrums.com? Obviously, the drums can be used for storage, but they can also be very creative! As past blogs have shown, you are able to make BBQ’s and Smokers, as well as chairs. These aren’t just normal BBQ’s, or chairs. You can turn them into anything you want! If you can think it, you can create it!

Photos from Drum Works, Home Talk & Garage Journal.

These are just some of the crazy creations that are possible to make with a 45 Gallon Drum!

Photo taken from: Drum Works Furniture

You can have a matching red furniture living set consisting of chairs and a table! Perfect for adding style to the garden, or creating an interior theme.

Photo taken from: Pinterest – Home Talk

You can continue to add to your 45 gallon drum theme and add these 2 cute plant pots! These would add a bright feeling around your garden, perfect for a newly married couple!

Photo taken from: Arch Daily

45 Gallon Drums can even be used as a light shade! This would certainly add style to your pad as well as looking slick at the same time, you really would be unique.

Photo taken from: Pinterest – Geek Alert

And how about this for a smoker… If you’re a Star Wars fan, this would be perfect for you! It doesn’t just have to be R2-D2, you can match it up to whichever character you want from whatever movie! I am sure this would be a fan-favourite at your garden parties!


These are just a few of the ideas you can make from one of our 45 Gallon Drums, theres plenty more options!

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