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Junked transformers and oil drums find a new lease of life at this cafe in Patna

The new Energy Cafe at Vidyut Bhawan is recycling things from the junkyard nearby to make innovative furnishings. Transformers and oil drums scrapped and dumped in junkyards for decades have suddenly found a new lease of life at the ‘Energy Cafe’ at Vidyut Bhawan, the headquarters of the Bihar State Electricity Board. Recently, a cafe […]

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Fuel drums become furniture in creative NT community.

In the remote community of Barunga, 400 kilometres south-east of Darwin, there is hardly a home without at least one piece of junk furniture. The colourful creations are the handiwork of local men and women who have mastered the art of turning items from the tip into treasured pieces. They began by transforming wooden pallets […]

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Barrel Chair in purple gloss.

Be Inspired – Amazing Drum Furniture

We just came across this design from manufacturer in the USA Drum Works Furniture. They use 45 gallon drums to make exciting furniture. We did a little research and found that our barrels are being used to make anything from incinerators, storage cupboards, BBQ’s, smokers, tables, chairs and fully working beer pumps. Drums are very […]

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