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What You Need To Know About The Storage of Radioactive Waste Produced by Nuclear Power Stations

Here at 45gallondrums.com we seek to educate as well as supply drums. The production of waste by nuclear power, its storage and handling are of great concern to the public. There are three levels of nuclear waste, low activity or low level, intermediate activity or intermediate level and high activity or high-level wastes. Low-Level Waste […]

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Barrel Chair in purple gloss.

Be Inspired – Amazing Drum Furniture

We just came across this design from manufacturer in the USA Drum Works Furniture. They use 45 gallon drums to make exciting furniture. We did a little research and found that our barrels are being used to make anything from incinerators, storage cupboards, BBQ’s, smokers, tables, chairs and fully working beer pumps. Drums are very […]

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